Spring Cleaning!

Yesterday, my husband and I were discussing our current closet situation (we are temporarily sharing btw) and he said those dreaded five words to me…”You have too many clothes”. Immediately I went on the defense saying, “Well, I am a woman! What else do you expect from me?” He then went on to slyly say, “Based on the amount of clothes, shoes, and bags you own it’s more like you are FIVE women!” At this point I had to laugh because it was the truth. I am nothing like a hoarder but I love to keep pieces that are rare and hard to find. The only problem is that I not only collect for myself but for my two children as well! 

So basically, I get frustrated every time I enter our temporarily shared walk in closet and our 3 car garage that can only fit 2 cars because of boxed things from our last move from an oversized condo into a more modest sized space. I know that I keep mentioning I will be hosting a virtual garage sale soon but this time I am for real! This weekend I will randomly post things to all of my social media accounts. If you like them send me a private message including your email address and I will send you a PayPal invoice for purchase with no shipping fees!
Prep your closets and credit cards for what’s to come! – Katrina 💋


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