About Last Night 💋

Last night was AMAZING!!! 

For those who don’t know, this time of year is very special to my husband and I because Valentine’s Day is exactly one week from our Wedding Anniversary. So we basically celebrate our love for about two weeks lol.

We were married in a private family ceremony at the Hilton in February of 2007. The food was delicious and the dance party was lit! During the entire week before our wedding, our family and friends joined us. We were able to create so many long-lasting memories so we basically consider the week before our anniversary our Love Week. 

Dinner was so mouthwatering good! I had to take majority of this plate of Shrimp & Grits with a little indulgence of Texas Whisky with a touch of fresh squeezed Lemon (pictured above). We dined at Lüke San Antonio which is John Besh’s first restaurant outside of his home state of Louisiana. Located right downtown on San Antonio’s famed River Walk, Lüke is a Creole brasserie serving classic New Orleans fare, while still paying homage to the flavors and ingredients of San Antonio.

Now on to the good stuff! Last night I wore a Diana Ross inspired slip dress from H&M. I purchased it almost a month ago just because it was so beautiful hanging in the huge glass window in front of the store at The Rim in San Antonio. When I finally tried it on I knew this dress would be perfect for our VDAY date night. To tone down the sexiness (after my husband hinted we would be going to one of my favorite places in San Antonio that is super casual) I added a few pieces like the jacket from Marshalls. Kylie Neveah, our 8 year old, actually pieced together my outfit a few hours before. The bag and the jacket were her selections. I then added a black leather mini bag with gold accents (big enough to hold my wallet, lipstick mints and a few Beauty products & supplies without being overwhelming heavy) and my most comfortable feathered babies for my feet! In all this outfit cost me a total of $103! 
Now on to our anniversary celebration which will be a few days later than normal due to our traveling schedules. I can’t wait to share those moments with all of you as well. Until then, Stay Stylish! – Katrina 💋

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