“Be Inspired to Get Dressed at StyleAddictsConfidential.com”

Style Addicts Confidential was created in 2013 by Fashion Buyer/Merchandiser & Stylist, KRL. SAC is best known as the one place where you are inspired to get creative with your personal style, a place where you feel empowered by diversity in the items & collections you see and are able to purchase for your personal wardrobe and most importantly the one place where you can join a community of fashion lovers without feeling pressured to be just like one another!

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Style Addicts Confidential has one simple goal, To Inspire! We hope you are inspired to dress well while expressing yourself by making the best wardrobe choices. Feel free to leave comments & ask questions.



Are you overwhelmed by all of the choices out there and just can’t seem to find your personal style? Or do you just don’t have enough time in your busy day to shop for all of pieces you want? Book a Style Session with KRL! To Book KRL for Styling & Personal Shopping Services please start by submitting booking fee payment below. You will be contacted within 12 hours via email to start building the wardrobe of your dreams!


Style Concierge Services





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